Helping Holocaust Survivors


Our Holocaust survivors are our last witness to a history that is a warning about how people can treat each other. In their lifetimes they have suffered. Our goal at iVolunteer is to treat them with the respect and dignity they deserve in their waning days.

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With their European origins and firsthand perspectives on history, our survivors have valuable insights and experiences to share.

Each survivor is unique, and is therefore matched carefully with a compatible volunteer. We look at variables such as location, interests, and personality in matching survivors with volunteers. Volunteers meet with survivors for one hour each week, at a mutually convenient time.

As Holocaust survivors age, errands and household tasks become more challenging., and maintaining a fulfilling social life is increasingly difficult. Volunteers offer survivors the opportunity to share stories and hobbies, and to trade opinions on current events. They can also be a valuable helping hand for survivors who need an escort to the store or to the doctor’s office, or could simply use some help organizing household items. Volunteers feel extremely gratified when they see how much survivors value their companionship and assistance.